A tale of USC — Major, Ali Aintrazi, SCG Syracuse, and myself.
Amanda Stevens

All I could think while reading this was “waaaaah look at me I’m a victim waaaah I’m special.” Grow up. A joke is a joke. Granted, it was a stupid joke, but harmless nonetheless, and he was punished for it. Maybe if you’re so determined to be offended by everything you should just stay indoors with your eyes squeezed closed and your hands clasped over your ears until you die of old age, perfectly unoffended by anything your whole petty life. It’s clear he thought you were a guy, and it’s clear you know that, and it’s even clearer that that bothers the hell out of you. Well, I’m sorry you don’t look like a woman. I can’t imagine the pain of not being what you feel you are. But it’s not Ali’s fault. It’s God’s. So take your politics out of this game we all love and wage your war on words and behavior somewhere else.

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