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Today my wife Joanne’s beloved mother, Andrea Bullen, died from COVID-19. She was a loving soul, ever optimistic, always looking for the bright side of life. She was not merely another COVID-19 statistic. She was a beautiful light in this world, with a family who dearly loved her. Andrea had Parkinson’s Disease, and was wheelchair-bound, but soldiered through it each day with the help of her tireless and devoted husband Mike — Joanne’s stepfather.

Friday we learned that Andrea had been taken by ambulance to A&E (a.k.a. emergency room) at Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, UK with probable pneumonia. …

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I’m an active LinkedIn influencer who has accumulated tens of thousands of connections. Along the way, I’ve also blocked or ignored thousands of people just like you. Why, you ask?

On my LinkedIn profile, I state my NO SOLICITATIONS policy very explicitly — both in my “headline” and at the top of the About section.

It’s really hard to miss.

You did one of the following:

  • Connected to me, and then solicited me in a message.

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‘Artificial intelligence’ has been one of the most hyped and misunderstood terms since it was originally coined in 1956. Over the decades as technologies evolved, the common understanding of what ‘artificial intelligence’ is has itself evolved — embracing promising new approaches and dismissing older approaches that have run their course.

In the current era, ‘artificial intelligence’ generally refers to non-deterministic data models that are derived from algorithms capable of learning about a specific reality, primarily through an approach known as supervised training, which will be described herein. …


Chris Benson

Chief AI Strategist @ Lockheed Martin • International Keynote Speaker • Co-Host, Practical AI Podcast • Gopher • Animal Advocate • Vegan • Dad • Husband

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