Perfect Poses that Highlights the Beauty of Curvy Women who have been Blessed by the Bountiful Nature

What does the term ‘’ plus size’’ mean? In modern parlance this term has had certain negative connotations and has often been used as a derogatory term to indicate women who are more generously endowed or who have more buxom or larger build than regular. Often women who are a plump or whose body structure incline towards the plump side, are traditionally considered as unphotogenic and unattractive. Therefore many plump or plus sized women are often camera-shy, rigid and uneasy before cameras, and end up looking rigid and artificial in front of the camera.

The first duty of the cameraman or woman is to make sure that his or her subject is comfortable in her own skin. Boudoir photography is all about making the regular women who have had nothing to do with celebrity and glittering public life look and more importantly feel like a star. Generally boudoir photography are intended as gifts from a bride to be to her prospective husband, but it can also be a once in a lifetime opportunity or occasion where each and every woman can feel liberated and empowered by flaunting her sensuality inherent in her in an aesthetic manner. It can be a way through which the regular woman discovers her glamorous side.

In this article we shall attempt to discuss plus size photography poses. Poses which are tailor made to help real women with curves accentuate their best features- their voluptuous curvy figure and hide problem areas.

  • If your arms are untoned and you are not comfortable in exposing your arms, then why not use a nice lace shawl or stole?
  • If you want to avoid a double chin, why not lean into the shot and aim your chin forward and down, rather than up?
  • Always shoot curvy or buxom subjects from a high angle. Low angles make them look bulkier as well as stockier.
  • Avoid wearing patterned clothes or clothes with large floral prints as they make you appear plumper.
  • Using props like leather bags, umbrellas, bed sheets, window curtains etc is a great way to cover up dissections and hips.
  • Sitting with your knees up to cover bulgy midsections is one of the best flattering plus size boudoir poses.
  • Give your subject a little body shape, by suggesting her to turn her torso away from the camera, arch her back, and put weight on her back leg.
  • Lower the front shoulder and pull arm slightly away from the body. This elongates the neck and also avoids double chin gaffe.
  • Always make sure to crouch down and shoot above eye level, where plus size boudoir photos are concerned, as this has a slimming down effect(especially of the chin and jaw line which looks more defined if you shoot it above eye level. 
    Increased height makes a woman look slimmer so encourage your subject to bring out those killer seven-inch stilettos (you know those heels she would never dare walk while wearing!)
  • Outfits and dresses which flatter or highlight the upper body and flatten the lower body like abdomen, hips and thighs, should be worn.