I, Racist
John Metta

So I have an issue with this post. It is not that I think racism does not exist, I grew up in a place where it did exist, in almost every form and from every shade of color or lack there of. It is not that I dont realize my own white privilege, I grew up recognizing it in many ways, if not all the ways. I have no need to defend myself on this front, my actions speak loudly for me.

No the issue I have is the statement used to paraphrase the entirety of the issue, and it is a logical one. The statement is vague. If I used a venn diagram it would imply that the entirety of the US is racist, every last one of us, and the south is honest about it and the north is dishonest about it. This is why people in general will get defensive about it, it does not define who is racist and who is not. Add to it the context of who it is coming from to who it is going to, and that makes the vagueness all the worse and implies even further.

The article then goes on to setup the people who fall for this vagueness as the problem, not the vagueness itself, as the problem.

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