🛍 Monday, July 26 — Sunday, August 1

🛍 Monday, June 28 — Sunday, July 4

E3 has come and gone!

  • Kazuya of Tekken fame coming to Smash wasn’t on anyone’s radar, but is a sound choice broadly. Personally adding more fighting characters to Smash isn’t very exciting to me — the moveset seems fairly predicable when compared to any potential crazy character choices. Expect an in-depth character presentation soon.
  • Three Life is Strange games on Switch…

We’ve taken a look at all of the gaming related bargains and here’s our picks for great Nintendo buys.

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Nintendo finally gets the (remote) party started

Super Mario Party
Super Mario Party

A little blue-sky thinking results in this rad aerial combat shooter

After four successful years on the market, here’s what folks make of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

🛍 Monday, April 5 — Sunday, April 11

Nintendo, Mario, and March 31st

Chris Brandrick

Editorial Director at Cooperpress | Curator of Switch Weekly

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