April 2015's Street Prayers

This month has been a slower month for Street Outreach, with the Easter period and exams looming for many of our volunteers meaning that we haven’t been able to go out as much.
Everyone is now back from their Easter holidays and Street Outreach is starting back up again, with teams aiming to go out 3 times a week as usual. This month saw us celebrating the best news ever; that God loved the world so much, he gave his only Son to die and save us.
We continue to pray our big prayers knowing our God is bigger than our small efforts.

Pray for:
An end to homelessness and addiction in Birmingham
|| Changing lives and culture for Jesus
||| Him to be known as the one who brings; — Restoration — Rest — Refreshment — Refuge

Once again, we list the names (first names only) of the people we have meet on Street Outreach and ask you to pray for each of them, as well as praying for two people in more depth (one for every week — only two as we’re a little late putting this out, sorry!):

Pray for:
| Names; Scar, Debo, Glen, Dave, Slovak friend, Trevor, Medassa, Simon, Roman Gyspy friend, Steven, Jonah and Antonio.
|| Week 1 — Steven; We met him in a doorway by Victoria Square, and he was a really gentle and seemed like a really genuine guy in a horrible situation! His partner had kicked him out after she got fed up of his drinking and gambling. She is now in Spain so he can’t get back to his house until she returns. He also has and eight year old child. He said he believes in God but had been brought up with one half of his family Catholic and the other half Protestant so didn’t know what to believe. We got to pray for him for restoration in his family life and for chains to be broken in his drinking and gambling and then gave him a New Testament to read — he said he had read it before but seemed happy to take it and read it again! Praise God! Let’s pray that God really breaks in and restores his family life, as well as his spiritual life, bringing him into a saving relationship with Jesus.
||| Week 2 — Jonah; We prayed for Jonah last month as well, but he is someone God has really set on our hearts and so we felt we should pray again for him. This month he has been in a bad way; when we met him he had just been diagnosed with IBS and so was feeling very lethargic and not very well at all. On top of this his cousin was in hospital with a broken back and so he really wanted to go to see him, but didn’t have the money for the train fare. Please pray for healing for both himself and his cousin, and also restoration, that he would be able to get to see his family. Also pray that our relationship and friendship with him could grow, and that he could be someone who is open to us.

We want to work with others in the city and nation-wide in order to bless the people we meet in the best way possible.

Pray for:
| Street Alpha — as plans morph and change, please pray that we would continue to rely on God and that He would guide us in every decision that is made
|| Finding ‘People of Peace’ — a few key people to form meaningful friendships with people in the homeless community and can explore the Gospel and its message with them.
||| Other churches and groups in Birmingham who we work alongside, performing similar acts of service to Homeless people in Birmingham

Let’s not forget to praise God for all he has and is doing in Street Outreach as we strive to keep him at the centre of all we do.

Give thanks for:
| The growing numbers of people joining Street Outreach
|| The great conversations we have with some of the people we meet.
||| The generosity of people providing clothing and money so that we can continue to serve people on the streets of Birmingham.

Thanks for reading and praying, we look forward to seeing how God will respond to us pushing deeper in petition for his people.

Street Outreach Team

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