Get PADI Certified and Scuba Dive in Maui, Hawaii

You’re flying a long way to come to Maui — a paradise with tropical beach conditions year round and home to phenomenal shore diving. Why not go home being a PADI certified Scuba Diver? If you have any interest in scuba diving, Maui’s calm, turquoise and 80 degree water is the place to learn and get certified!

Why? Because everything is done Maui style, and your vacation photos will be epic!

In Maui, we teach on the beach. Instead of being in a stuffy classroom, you’re looking at turquoise water and rainbows. Not bad, right? Plus, no bumpy boat rides, no 6am wake ups, no hassles and no lines to wait in. Our classrooms are outside beneath palm trees, and classes are designed to build upon each other making sure you’re comfortable in the water before practicing scuba skills. Over 2 half-days, you will be introduced to scuba diving, become comfortable in the water, then perform a series of skills which will prepare you to be a confident diver, and awesome dive buddy. Chris will meet you both days at the dive site, ready to tailor teaching towards your specific needs, with all the scuba gear and tanks. All you need to do is bring yourself, a water bottle and some snacks.

Dives can start early in the morning, or later in the afternoon. The typical schedule starts at 11am ending around 3pm, and stretches over 2 days.

Day 1: Meet at dive site for first 2 dives. The goal today is to make you and everyone in your group is comfortable in the water, and confident divers.

We will:

  • Meet, and fill out a little paperwork.
  • Learn fundamentals of scuba diving theory.
  • Learn about gear and proper use.
  • Learn safety rules of scuba diving.
  • Go on Dive 1 and get comfortable in the water, and look at sea turtles!
  • Debrief Dive 1 and answer any questions.
  • Go over new skills and prepare for Dive 2.
  • Go on Dive 2, see more turtles and debrief on the shore.

Afterward, you will have a book to read, and resources to review that will prepare you for the test to follow the next day we dive together.

Day 2: Meet at dive site for final 2 dives. The goal today is to make you and your group certified divers and awesome dive buddies!

We will:

  • Review scuba diving theory, general safety and answer any questions.
  • Go on Dive 3 and practice new buddy skills.
  • Debrief Dive 3 and go over final skills needed for Dive 4.
  • Go on Dive 4, finish skills, see more turtles and then debrief.
  • Dry off, and pick a restaurant to go take your test over pupus.
  • Take a 60-question multiple-choice test, and get certified before dinner!
  • Chris will enter all of your certification info online, and you will be instantly certified, and will receive your certification card in the mail in 1 to 2 weeks.

How much to get PADI certified?

$529 per person. No hidden costs or additional PADI fees.

$529 includes everything — 4 certification dives, all scuba gear rental, tank rental, PADI certification fees, PADI Open Water book and materials, plus all taxes. Once you’re PADI certified, you have no annual fees or costs to you unless you continue your scuba diving education. Your membership is for life, and you can rent gear from any dive shop, and go scuba diving with any commercial diving operation around the world.

How deep? What will we see?

We will be starting shallow in 8 feet of water. We will practice basic skills, get comfortable underwater, then will swim out to 35 feet to explore the dive site and practice skills. We will be seeing sea turtles, dozens of fish including the humuhumunukunuku, and looking for eels, starfish, rays and reef sharks!

Can I go to Haleakala or fly between diving days?

No. This is important. After scuba diving, you need to stay beneath 2,000 feet elevation for 18 hours. So if we dive on Monday afternoon, you can’t go to the Haleakala sunrise on Tuesday morning. If you have any questions about scuba diving and flying/going over 2,000 feet within 18 hours, give Chris a call at 808–219–3336. He will explain further, and you will learn about this during Day 1 of your training.

Will I Be Learning With Other Divers?

Chris dives and teaches small groups up to 4. If you want a private session or have a party/family larger than 4, please contact Chris and he can accommodate. Small groups allow for excellent dives and teaching. With Chris, there’s no boats and no rush. All dives are done from sandy, tropical shores, and when diving with Chris, you’re not being scheduled in-between other divers. If we need to spend extra time on practicing certain skills, no problem! There’s plenty of time. Scuba diving is about going slow, and being in control. If you want more time in the water to get comfortable, Chris will be there with you to answer questions and guide you.

Just want to try scuba diving, then decide?

Awesome, no problem. Take a Discover Scuba Dive for $129, and if you love it (you will) the remaining $400 for the Open Water Certification ($529 total) can be paid and we’ll move along getting certified. The Discover Scuba Dive will take place of Dive 1 for your Open Water course, and no additional fees are required.

What can you do after being certified?

What to do after getting your PADI Open Water certification in Maui? Welcome to a world of new addictions! First, book a night dive before you leave! It’s a peaceful, slow-paced dive where you get to see the dive site from the day, in the dark. Then plan your next dive vacation anywhere in the world. With a PADI Open Water certification you can go into any dive shop or resort and dive!

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