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Depression for Entrepreneurs

I run a publishing and media company dedicated to helping the DIY learner crowd (folks ages 35-75 who want to learn stuff in less-traditional ways). My business…

What Every Day in the Gym Teaches me About Business (and Life)

I’ve been working on a fitness transformation for quite some time. What I love most about the experience, however, is…

The Weird Secret I’ve Learned About Dieting

And I’m Not Really on a Diet

I’ve been working actively on my health in different ways for about a year. To be really…

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No One Wants to See Your Before Picture

Thoughts on strength and personal growth

I made a terrible mistake the other day: I chose to express my vulnerability. In…

Seeing Purple — On My First Experience With Pain Management

When avoidance just isn’t going to cut it.

A Boss Move

How you deal with annoyance certainly tells the world a lot about you. 

Given how the night ended, the incredible level of restraint and leadership…

Crafting a Lifestyle

The flag, the one thing, and good old checklists

This morning, my workout was:

  • leg press

Habits are the Wrong Unit of Measurement

I have this analogy I use all the time: “It’s like I picked at a piece of weird paint on the wall, and it came off, and then underneath, I noticed…

Creating is Procrastinating (Sometimes)

I’m writing this for you right now, but I should be working on a project. But hey, I’m creating, right? This is good. This is right-brain. This is…

What Tim Ferriss Knew That I Didn’t Believe

A while back, I read The 4 Hour Body, by Timothy Ferriss, and there was a part in there where he recommended that we eat from a very small menu…