First of all, what I’m about to say is likely controversial, however well documented.

If you want to be depressed the Formula for Depression is simple.

➕ Focus on all of the bad things in your life.

➕ Have negative language patterns that describe (and then become) your current experience of life

➕ Breathe Shallow, look downward, slump over, avoid smiling, and narrow eyes.

Follow those steps and voila, you’ll feel depressed.

Not to mention describing the emotion you’re feeling as “depression”

I don’t have that word in my vocabulary for describing how I feel.

In fact there and literally hundreds of emotions we experience each day, yet we use 7–10 to describe our entire life. Which is dangerous and gives us a narrow view of what life is.

The label we put on our experience becomes our experience.

And so logic would suggest, if this is the formula for depression, then do the opposite and you have the formula for happiness.

It’s not entirely that easy, and often more complex HOWEVER if you did do the opposite.

➕ Focus on the things you can appreciate and enjoy about your life

➕ Have positive language patterns to describe (and become) your current experience of life

➕ Breathe deeply, and slowly (about 4–8 breathes a minute, look forward with you head up, sho Odets back, and smile at every person that walks past you.

It’s not easy to keep yourself in a depressed state, it takes work.

The reason I know this works is simple, even the most depressed people in life, will find it difficult to be depressed doing something fun that they love, I mean as an example imagine playing a sport you love. It’s very difficult to focus on the “depression” on your life while playing.

Instead your focus is entirely on the sport.

Secondly, think about it, even through depression, you still find times to laugh. So if you can laugh in one situation that means you CAN ACCESS happiness.

It means you do know what happiness is.

But most people snap back and revert back to “depression”

An important thing to learn is to describe how you FEEL as a VERB (a doing word) instead of a NOUN ( a describing word)

I’m DEPRESSED would become “I’m doing depression”

Or I’m happy as “I’m doing HAPPINESS”

Emotions and feelings are two entirely different things.

We experience emotions as a neuro-physiological response in the body. But what we feel is the word and meaning we link to what we’re experiencing.


When you’re experiencing an adrenaline rush when you’re about to do something like public speaking.

Your heart pounds, palms sweat, and feel your body pulsing.

Some describe that feeling as “FEAR” whilst others experience the same emotion yet, the link and describe it as “EXCITEMENT”.

So think about it.

Feeling Low is something we will all experience in life (and I understand clinical depression) yet, we still have a range of ability to choose what we focus on, how we describe the situation we are experiencing & what we say to ourselves, and finally how we hold our body. This is why movement and exercise has a HUGE impact on the emotions we feel.

You’re altering your body on a physiological level.

It’s very hard to be “depressed” and massively out of breathe from exercising.

Whilst I don’t carry a certificate that ends in “ist” I have had the fortune and pleasure to work with thousands of people over the last decade.

And I’ve devoted thousands of hours of study to this topic (most likely more than many of the ist’s)

And I can tell you understanding what is in this post is both profound and impactful.

Instantly your mind will begin to defend your limitations, that’s the EGO.

“You don’t know me”

“You don’t know my situation”

“It’s not that easy”

“It can’t be that simple”

And the reality is, this simple defending of the limitation an in your life gives you reasons and justifications to feel that way.

I’m not here to label you, to diagnose you, to “fix” you, in fact you choose to do with this information whatever the hell you choose to do with it.

But I know with 100% certainty your life will improve by implementing what I’ve said in this post.

I think sometimes people think that people who are happy are happy and people who are sad are sad.

And that people like me have never been through adversity or challenges.

And Sure, there are people who have experienced things in life nobody should go through.

The reality is pain and hurt are part of life, but suffering is a mental prison that we create.

We will all experience pain and hurt. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have pain receptors.

But from pain we choose how to deal with it.

I’ve always had an inquisitive mindset.

So what if you suspended your disbelief and tried this for 30 days?

One thing I know is thinking about dark things in life makes you experience dark emotions.

If this wasn’t the case Horror movies wouldn’t work. Think about it. We know it’s 100% it’s fake and each person in the movie are actors.

Yet, we experience TRUE fear.

But it’s not real.

It’s false.

It’s because we are focussing in what is happening in the movie.

Again, it’s fake. Not real, yet the emotions we experience are real.

So, many people are simply running movies in their mind, stories that create an emotional response and then experiencing that emotion and OFTEN the story they’re running isn’t based upon fact at all.

It’s based entirely upon fiction.

A mind run wild.

An old Chinese proverb said:

“I’ve had many problems in life, most of which never happened”

So it’s entirely possible to experience a feeling or emotion around a situation that is 100% false just like the Horror movies we watch.

Again, choose to defend your limitations or choose to take this information and implement it into your everyday life.

Happiness is not something you BECOME, and then stick a flag in the ground and declare it as your own.

Life would be pretty boring if it was one big smile.

We’re complex beings and adversity shapes us, but we choose to see the meaning in that adversity.

Happiness is something you MUST generate each and every day, all day.

To be in control of your emotional state even in tough times.

And likewise — sadness is something you work hard to generate too — just more unconsciously.

But as that pattern becomes locked in, you can LOCK in positivity and work hard to keep it part of who you are.

I think it’s a dangerous thing to think that

“Who we are is who we’ll always be”

Wow, what a disempowering thought.

“Who you are is the accumulation of thoughts, feelings and emotions in the moment”

I know this because even bad people can have good acts.

And even depressed people can have moments of happiness. Even extended periods of happiness.

It’s not something that comes easy, it’s something you work for because you have a DEEP drive and solid REASONS why you must.

I’m sharing this simply because I know too many people are struggling yet feel trapped and they think the way out is complex or even the word thing imaginable.

But it CAN be something you overcome.

Again if 1 person in your situation has overcome the challenge you’re experiencing, it means you can too.

And yes, you can defend your limitation of accept if 1 person can do it, you can too.

Think about Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile.

People thought it was impossible.

Then Roger Bannister did it.

6 weeks after Landy beat Bannisters record.

And then within 3 years almost 30 others followed.

And now thousands have done it.

It’s about understanding that all you need to know is there’s a Roger Bannister for your situation.

And once they’ve broken the “4 minute mile” you jus have to follow in their footsteps.

I know this is a HELLUVA post, but if it inspires 2,3 or 10 people to change their life, it was worth writing.