How I Eat For Free in NYC Using Python, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Instagram

What I did

How I Did It

The Content

  • Getting pictures and videos in inventory
  • Automatically deciding what’s “good” or “bad” content
Number of likes
Number of comments
Picture or video
Video views (if applicable)
When the picture was posted
Number of followers of the account that posted it
Response Variable:
Post Rating (0/1)
Explanatory Variables:
Vectorized caption
Number of mentions
Number of hashtags
Caption length
If the caption was edited from its origin
Media type
Video view ratio/number of days since it was posted
Like ratio/number of days since it was posted
Comment ratio/number of days since it was posted

Auto-Captioning and Auto-Crediting

Credit: {CREDIT}
  1. Caption
Who can name this spot?
Tell us your favorite bar in NYC in the comments!
"You haven't lived until you've died in New York"
Credit: @likenewyorkcity/@geoffrey.parry
#NYC #NY #NewYorkCity ... #ThePlaza #NYCInstagram #NYYankees
Who can name this spot?
Credit: @likenewyorkcity/@geoffrey.parry
#newyorkig #city_of_newyork #ig_newyork#newyorkgram #nycgo #nybucketlist#nyclives #nypostnyc #streetsofnyc#winterinnewyork #downtownnyc#brooklynheights #newyork_photoshoots#newyork_originals #nyloveyou#nycityworld #newyorkbound#newyorkminute #imagesofnyc#travelnyc #nyc_exporers #nycbuildings#oneworldtradecenter #flatironbuilding#grandcentralterminal #newyorkknights #bigapplenyc #newyorknewyork#manhattanbridge #brooklynbridge


Growing My Following

Response Variable:
Follow back (0,1,2)
Explanatory Variables:
Came from (The account in which this user was scraped from)
Method (whether they were a liker/commenter/follower of the above)
Private vs public
Missing profile picture
Is business profile
Following/follower ratio
Profile biography
Media count
Gender (predicted from name using a third-party package)
  • Likers and commenters were less likely to follow me back than followers, but they were more likely to engage with me. This tells me although they are less abundant in quantity, they are higher in quality.
  • Following people in the morning resulted in a higher follow-back rate than in the nighttime.
  • Public accounts are much more likely to follow me back than private accounts.
  • Females were more likely to follow back my NYC-based account than were males.
  • Those that were following more people than they had following them (following/follower ratio > 1.0) were more likely to follow me back.



My name is Chris and I run this Instagram account! We have over {FOLLOWER COUNT} followers in the New York City area, and many of them comment on my posts or message me about the best restaurants to eat at, bars to go to, or attractions to visit.

We would love to make some sort of deal with you to sponsor your establishment. We would post your place, the address, tag your page, and recommend everyone go check it out. It will stay up forever, and you can even write the caption and make the post to send to me if you want. We will also post you on our instagram story with a swipe-up link to your website. In exchange, I would ask for a free experience, small gift card, discount, or coupon to your place.

If you have any interest, please message me back or send me an email!


The Results




Entrepreneur, Data Scientist/Engineer, Wake Forest grad. Founder of Lionize

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Chris Buetti

Chris Buetti

Entrepreneur, Data Scientist/Engineer, Wake Forest grad. Founder of Lionize

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