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Today I read a really interesting article about creating the Decentralized Web. The people pursuing the idea are seeking to extricate themselves from the hyper-aggregation of data and digital power in the hands of companies like Google and FaceBook.

But this got me thinking about an idea I’ve been rolling around for a while. …

There’s a rather magical process of translating the nerdy things you like to do for people into something they want to pay for: Features → Benefits → Outcomes.

Let’s say you’re a tile polisher. You’ve been trained in Italy and most people in America don’t really get how much goes into tile polishing — there’s burnishing, leveling, color-matching, and at least half a dozen other processes. You had to apprentice for two years before you could list yourself as a member of the International Association of Tile Polishers.

You love what you do — and if only people can see your work, they love it too! In a matter of hours, you can make an entire home’s tile look a thousand times better — saving them thousands in re-tiling! And yet — sadly — most people don’t understand how cool being a tile polisher is. And it’s hard to sell them on the service when they don’t really understand it. They sometimes ask, “why can’t I just go to Home Depot and rent a tile polishing machine?” …

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Trying to go from your new idea straight to finished website can waste a lot of time and money. Here’s how to avoid this.

Lots of clients who come to me for help with a website (or other marketing and branding help) arrive with a beautiful vision for their new business. With the picture formed in their minds, they figure the next step is to get a website to bring their idea to the world.

It seems reasonable: They know what they want to do, but they don’t look like a business yet — so the next step must be to have a logo made, business cards done up, and a shiny new website built. …

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