Why Democrats Suck
Austin Frank

Good article, I like your candor and the fact that you balanced out your critique with a shot at both sides of our two biggest political parties. Our first President was a steadfastly opposed to political parties, he saw them as undemocratic. They’ve now come to such a point that you couldn’t argue against it. Representatives from both parties have become so partisan that they vote not against measures they don’t agree with but against measures authored by the other party. Compromise, negotiate and ‘for the people,’ are all things foreign in concept and practice to our members of Congress. They’re not here to serve us, they’re here to serve their party. Nothing more, nothing less. When they do cooperate, it’s just to make sure their game of smoke and mirrors can continue and that is by making sure no 3rd political party is ever allowed to exist. I’m hoping we get enough people showing up to the polls to get them all out of office so we can all be heard without having to conform to one party line or another…like the party members do.

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