Inchoate forces: the fat of the land, the health of the nation

Required listening for those interested in a critical and pessimistic view of society

I want to try and link the health of the nation to popular political sentiment. By “health of the nation” I mean aggregate weight and BMIs — if people were healthier would Trump have been elected? Would Obama have?

Is some of the reaction to Trump a muffled response to what people can only apprehend s inchoate forces — unable to criticize the corporate influence over our lives they blindly lash out at Trump and his supporters, the cry of “white supremacy” a watermark for uncriticality, unthinking, the inability to see a slightly wider point of view.

Connected to health — the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, we can’t call out the fast food companies and soda makers for making us fat since we assume Big Brother has our interests in mind, the smokescreen of government, that false idea that someone is in charge that lulls us into complacency. Personal responsibility does not exist. Helpless — on aggregate — we are fattened and state, this fat state of wrecked health becomes normalized, becomes pharmaceuticalized: all the hopes and aspirations, all the locked-in pathways that have been permitted to people, those neural centers enflamed by Hillary’s signaling, the “I’m with her” declaration, these all have led to the juvenile reactions people have had to Trump. Claims of white supremacy, the shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot plea for open borders without having a successful system for our population here, zero interest in our economic foundation: “someone should do something and help everyone in the world” said by someone blithely riding the waves of history who would never host a refugee or migrant. The fact that we aid in the creation of the refugee crisis not being a concept people have even the remotest chance of being able to voice, another smokescreen that allows people to celebrate a war criminal such as Hillary, that will turn Trump into a war criminal just as Obama was, a charge against the highest office holder in the land that will not ever be levelled.

All summed up by the walking wounded, the fucked up policy made manifest in our overweight world.