What The Bloody Hell: Open Mouths And Unimpressed Vloggers

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“I’ve made it, baby!”

Well, here’s a thing. A very old video of mine, made over a decade ago, was just featured on a Fine Bros “WTF Compilation”.

The video in question was “Two Minutes Of Happiness”, and can be seen here:

I do keep tabs on various Youtube channels that I don’t normally watch — I’ll occasionally take a look at those Dan & Phil video game playthroughs or various “reaction” channels, the biggest of course being FBE /React Channel. There is a certain masochistic thing going on with this, as invariably I get annoyed at how little the contributors know about stuff, or at their WRONG AND STUPID OPINIONS FUME RAGE APOPLEXY.

I always suspected that something of mine would wash up amongst the other internet debris in their WTF Challenges or Compilations or whatever it is, and it’s finally happened. As is always the way, it’s a video I wouldn’t have selected given the chance. Nevermind, though — I got joint third place. And at least one person who I thought would slag it off liked it. Or were scared by it, or something. Just to prevent any potential pants-browning that this early and rather crude video of mine may cause, you should know that I put it together on a desktop PC in a conservatory attached to a relentlessly normal semi-detached house in a typical Surrey suburb, while I drank mugs of tea.

According to the datestamp on the master video in my archives, it was created on 1st December 2008 at 8:20PM. Or at least, that’s the earliest I can date it to. There’s some other files in that folder with the same day and slightly different times — I know I re-converted the stupidly immense DV AVI masters that Adobe Premiere produced to compressed AVIs at some point, to save precious disk space. (Remember XviD?) As a result, it may have been produced up to a year earlier than that. So to reply to that guy in the Fine Bros video who complained about there being a lot of samey weird CG stuff around these days — I was one of the first people to do it, and that was one of the first videos of that kind I did.

I started my first Youtube account around about late 2006 or early 2007 — I have no idea exactly when. I’m pretty sure it was towards the end of 2007 that I produced my very first crappy / weird CG video, which may have been the above, or possibly this:

(Someone once told me that they sent a link to that video to a girl they had a crush on. She never spoke to him again.)

It was these types of videos that got me my first bit of very minor internet fame. I believe it was the Youtube Poop guy McMaNGOS who noticed me first — and then from that point I started to develop something of a fanbase, despite doing my level best to wreck it all by continually deleting my channels and starting new ones with different names. It’s a long story. Over time I started to develop different styles of video production, and I also got more into making music, which seems to be a common thread amongst various former YTP and YTP-associated types.

So that was then, and this is now. If you’re a newcomer to my videos, I hope you may be interested in seeing what I’m currently up to. Below is one of my recent uploads, which went live about a week ago.

Hopefully after watching that, you’ll agree that I’ve improved…

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