“Pathfinder” Trombone E-Course for Young Trombonists

Welcome to the Virtual Trombonist on Medium! Over at my site, I publish in a variety of formats, lately it’s been a number of videos, and since I often write about trombone playing, specifically, it makes sense for me to often show and play for my readers what I’m discussing. Here at Medium, I’m going to publish a lot of my longer written content.

This week’s blog post is a little different. I’ve been working on an idea that’s been bouncing around inside my head for quite some time now, and it’s getting close to being ready. Every year, when I have new students starting lessons with me, I seem to take a week or two to get my footing. I find myself searching for music, trying to find old scale sheets on the version of Finale I had three years ago, etc. On too many occasions, I have found myself frantically writing out a new piece of music on the computer the night before a student’s lesson (or the hour before!). This becomes especially important when I have a beginner student that needs guidance. I decided to finally get all the materials I use with my young students together in one place, and package them together, along with a number of videos covering the fundamentals of trombone playing, as well as a complete warmup and daily routine for beginner students.


The Pathfinder Course for Young Trombonists!


The real heart of the course is the warmup I’ve developed over the years for my own students. It draws on Remington and other routines in use by many brass players. I’ve also recorded play along videos with a metronome track, for students to cue up at home for their own practice sessions. It’s common for students (and parents) to feel a little lost between lessons, or between days that their band class meets. This course aims to help young trombone players practice with purpose, and to develop a daily practice habit of fundamental concepts.

When you purchase the course, you receive:

  • a comprehensive collection of short videos covering fundamentals of trombone playing (breathing, posture, mouthpiece buzzing, etc.) as well as practice skills and concepts
  • a video especially for parents
  • play along video of the entire warmup routine
  • PDF warmup booklet (3 pages)
  • handy teaching materials: scale sheet, circle of 5ths, position chart

The course page is available on my website. Head over to watch some sample video and learn more about the course. The course goes live in early September!

Thanks so much! If you have a young student, or know parents of young students, please share this with them!

Originally published at virtualtrombonist.com.

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