America and the world automated with robotics and automation technology……..

The world is ran by computers and robots. Cars will drive their selves. Our computers will start to think on their own for us. We will not even think that much any more. Computers and machines will run America and the world. It will be year 3000. We will live in a new brave world. The world will or could be better or it could be worst than it is now. The weather could be way different than it is now. People will love technology more than they do now. There will probably be more cures for diseases and that such. The world will be all digital. No paper will exists. Everything will be all digital. We may not even have mail boxes any more. Our mail will come on our phone, watch, our glasses, and etc. Our computers and game systems will be way out than we see now. Everything will be so advanced compared today, that we wouldn’t imagine of the the things that we have today. The things today will be antique like the 1800 hundreds. We will have computers that are like super computers. Our data will be in the cloud. Everybody could possibly be engineers and have high IQs. Everybody will be way smarter than they are today. Technology will play a role in this. It could possibly take longer times to invent the newest technologies because of the advances have been studied for very long periods of time. Women could possibly be the smartest people on the planet. Women will probably be the leaders of tomorrow. The future will have people with very unique abilities that we never have seen today. They will do the jobs that seem very impossible. The will be the new geniuses of the time. It could possibly be billions of people on earth. I mean more people than it is today. The world will be smaller than its is before, because of computers and robots. Robots will connect us with everything that we want. They will be super intelligent till the fact that we are imitated by their smartness. They will have rules programmed in them that will govern them for the right and legit reasons to do ethical things. But really? What does the future hold for the world in the future for America and the whole world. Will we end poverty and diseases, the answers could be we will be more improved than before, but it will be a continual thing that we will have to strive for everyday. There will always be rich and poor people. It been that way since the bible days. And there will be rich and poor people to the end of time. That’;s just the basic laws of existence of living on earth. But for now, I have to go, have a great day. Thanks, Chris