Controlling Future Robots With Microsoft Holo Lenses

Imagine you control a robot your self. You set at home and where Microsoft holo lenses and you view the world through the robot’s eyes. It would be a wonderful experience. You would go shopping, you would go to the movies with your date. Or whatever you want to do, it would be doing it through a robot. You could travel the world and see new places and sit at home. This would be a neat invention for people that is handicapped and can’t walk. They go walk and use a robot to see the world. Handicapped people could see the world in a new way than never before. This would open up new possibilities to the world for people that don’t won’t to leave home. The world will be changed for ever when this happened. Could we have a new genius out there that will discover how to do this? Will we see everybody wanting to own a robot that can do this? Will robots never be able to think own their own. Will there be a world of people sitting around controlling robots from somewhere? We could never know what the future could possibility hold. Robots would be like remote and controlled for people. A remote controlled robot that you control with Microsoft holo lenses or some form of VR that will exist in the future. But really thinking about this, would the remotely controlled robot be you. Would it resemble your facial characteristics and that sort or thing. Would you see the world in a new way with this technology. Imagine if we could create robots that could scuba dive the ocean and we sit at home and explore the sea with a robot. Or imagine if we could explore space with a robot and sit at home. Or imagine if we could explore another planet and sit at home. This would be remotely controlled by paying a service provider that we pay for every month or something. There could possibility new billionaires created from this technology. Is exploring the world or another planet the thing we will do in the future from home. Is exploring will be a past time that will happen. I don’t know, but it could be really cool in my thoughts. Would kids at school explore new planets and do scientific studies about other planets and that sort of thing. This could be our future to existence of living. We find new planets for minerals and other forms of elements that we need to survive. Could we find more gold on another planet. Could we find a new element that is on the periodic table that never existed? Theses questions are probably being asked by the scientific community or probably been thought about. Could we find a new life form out there? Could there be life on another planet that we really didn’t know that existed? But really, is there life some where that we don’t know about? Could the bible be right along. Could the bible the governing thing that we will see as the authority saying life only exists on earth and life has always existed here and that is where it has been all the time. What if there is life some where else? What if it does go against the sayings in the bible. But if it does? Why would of it do so? Could it really happen? But I don’t know. Time will tell. That’s all I know. But I do know that scientists out there are willing to answer if life exists out there on another planet. And will our future rely on robots that can explore planets. Will our existence of survival be based on exploring? But that is the question I got to ask you? But for now, I have to go, and have a great day! Thanks, Chris