Answer to a prayer you haven’t prayed yet

In Absence Blindness, we learned that we humans have a hard time recognizing what isn’t there. What is unseen. What is hidden.

So it goes with prayer.

The other day, out of the blue someone approached us with something that perfectly fit a major need that we had.

We hadn’t even had time to pray for it yet.

Is that any less an answer to prayer? Like, if you haven’t even had time to pray the prayer and yet it is answered?

I believe it’s the same. And pointing it out is important. Otherwise, we’re prone to move on like it’s normal, like nothing really happened. To forget it.

Rather, if we point out those needs fulfilled before we thought to ask, it’s no less a miracle. No less providence.

And when we do, God gets the glory not we. That’s a win.

Have you had answers to prayers you hadn’t yet prayed? Or answers to desires you hadn’t yet expressed?

Pointing that out and not gliding past it gives us and others the chance to pause and recognize. To be in awe, to admire, to worship.

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