One Lonely Leper

There were 10 lepers. Leprosy is a horrible disease that ravages the body, and at that time there was no cure. They were filthy, were cast out of society, and their bodies would waste away until’ they died an early death. That was their destiny.

As Jesus passed by, they called out for healing.

He told them to go see the priest. As they went, they were all healed. Just like that.

Imagine. One day your body is literally falling apart, the next minute it’s whole again. They went on their way.

Guess what happened next?

One leper returned to say thank you.

That leaves 9 people who weren’t grateful enough to show it with their actions.

How does it feel when you do something kind for someone, and they don’t ever come back and say thank you?

We’ve been looking for ways in our home to be like that 1 leper. We don’t get it right all the time, but we call it our “1 lonely leper project” (more accurately, former leaper!).

Gratitude. An effective antidote to so many things, in a world where it’s so easy to focus on all that is wrong.

Reference: Luke 17:11–19. This is part of 7 weeks of daily writing while I’m less mobile, recovering from surgery. This day #23 of 49. The last post was:

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