What I’ve learned by writing an article every day for 49 days

If you’ve been following along, you know that I decided to write an article a day for the past 7 weeks because I was less mobile due to a recent surgery.

It was both an experiment, and a personal challenge. It’s actually been more enjoyable, and more challenging than I had thought it would be.

As the experiment comes to an end, I’ve captured a few thoughts on some of the things I’ve learned in the process.

  1. No idea is as good on paper as it is in your head.
  2. You don’t fully know something until’ you are able to write it down, until’ you can say it with words.
  3. Publishing a post feels final, feels risky. It’s easier to keep thoughts and ideas, stories, inside where it’s safe. There’s something vulnerable about putting it out there.
  4. …But really it’s just the beginning of the conversation not the end, so there’s nothing to fear at all.
  5. Revelation/inspiration is a precious commodity, and when you get it you better capture it immediately otherwise it will grow wings and fly off.
  6. It’s impossible to find something that no one else has ever said. That’s OK, just say it anyways if it’s something that’s been helpful for you.
  7. The greatest joy was hearing from folks around the world who said something made them think.
  8. Deep, significant, researched writing takes more time than writing every day allows :) But that’s OK, it was a fun exercise and a few of the ideas might turn into books…after much much more work.

Although I wrote an article every day, I didn’t publish every one of them simply because I didn’t think it was publish-ready. I did publish most days.

A big shout-out to every person who read and commented or sent a message. That was the most fun part — hearing back from you. धन्यवाद, as we say “thank you” in Nepal.