The Republic of New York

Over the first 8 days of the Trump administration, a sad gloom has been cast over much of the country, which is especially pronounced in the blue states won by Hillary Clinton this past November. As we hear more from the nation’s capital about walls, bans, repealing health care, ending funding for sanctuary cities and defunding health care clinics which serve women in need, a movement has sprung afoot in California to examine seceding, called Cal-exit. While the idea seems ludicrous at first, with the way Washington is going, isn’t it prudent to look at every idea that allows us to keep our values and hold our heads up high? And if California can do it, certainly we can look at New York City and NYCexit. If the entire premise of New York City, a beacon to people around the world, and a place to celebrate diversity, tolerance and love is being put to the test, do we still want to be a part of the country that challenges our values?

New York City is home to over 8 million people, bigger than Finland, Switzerland, and Serbia. Think Hong Kong or Singapore but bigger. The Republic of New York would start with our own national anthem, stock exchanges, sports teams, media empire, radio & tv stations, tech hubs, booming and proud immigrant population, food culture, national flag, Hamilton, and a fine legal system. We are home to the Statue of Liberty and to the United Nations. We already have diplomatic missions for almost every country in the world. It’s been said that New York has its own foreign policy, so we would be in good shape there, certainly better than our former master.

We have our own police force of some 35,000 officers, which could be partially morphed into a national defense agency. There are an additional 4500 auxiliary police officers abc 5,000 school safety agents. National Guard covered. There are already have NYPD officers in important capitals across the world providing their own intelligence briefings, so we have the beginning of our intel agency. Combine the ships, boats, helicopters, and drones from our FDNY, NYPD, Sheriffs Office and Department of Environmental Protection and we have a bigger navy than many small countries. Our Air Force would need work, but we have 2 airports already and a fleet of modern helicopters to get us started.

New York City has Ellis Island to process immigrants and refugees from around the world. Many of them want to come to the Republic of New York anyway (who doesn’t?) so we can get the island up and running again as a beacon of the very freedom our former ruler no longer allows. We could continue to be the place where Muslims, Jews, immigrants, women, gays and anyone from anywhere can be celebrated for who they are and left alone at the same time. We’d be the Taiwan to their People’s Republic of China. And if the president of the once-United States minus Republic of New York wants a wall with us, we’d probably not even object, provided he pay for it. We could even use the money we are saving from not having to guard Trump tower anymore, since presumably foreign leaders would not feel comfortable with their primary residence in our republic.

This brings up who would be the president of our newly established republic. Well, we have a slew of presidential options. We could solve Hillary’s problem of wanting to be president by having her run for the George Washington of our fine island-state. She was already Secretary of State, so who has more foreign policy experience? There is one former 12 year Mayor who may have decided not to run for president of the United States, but would likely jump at the chance to be the first president of the Republic of New York. He has more experience creating jobs and keeping the City safe than anyone. Of course, there is even another former mayor who has run for president who was recently looking for a job. So, we could have a good 3 way race for the title. Who knows? If our current mayor is no longer in any legal trouble (Preet may no longer have jurisdiction) he could throw his hat in the race too. Gracie Mansion would soon be the new White House, unless Mike won, in which case he would likely make it The “People’s House” and remain in his home.

Much of the above may sound fanciful, and for now, certainly it is. But anyone who has seen Hamilton knows that there are times in life, in a nation’s history, where we must fight for what we believe in just to keep the very essence of who we are alive. From the first days of the Trump administration, it certainly feels like now is one of those times. And so must fight for the country we believe in, but we must also ensure that within these 5 boroughs, we protect our way of life to make sure that whatever happens out there, we are still the bright shining City of hope.