Equality is far away
Douglas Milnes

All the stats you cite having to do with injury or death sustained by men have a root cause in general: other men. Your sources are beyond suspect. But let’s pretend for a moment that they’re credible and reliable. Most all the offenders will be male. All those numbers look great for your arguments by leaving out one major detail: female offenders are statistically rare. Women are not perpetrating the social and legal offenses you cite— mostly men are…

♢ Sending other men to war (military leadership is built on a patriarchal model with mostly men in top leadership)

♢ Sending other men to the hospital (mostly men are the perpetrators of violent crimes against other men)

♢ Sending ourselves to jail due to our behavioral choices (not the “oppression” of “misandry” — a ridiculous, made-up, construct because societal evidence doesn’t yield the conclusions you’re seeking)

♢ Sending other men and ourselves to the graveyard (not because a woman pulled the trigger; we did)

So, how is it again that female feminists are a root cause of injury and death to men? If you’re blaming their theories and beliefs, MRA’s have a lot more work to do figuring out reality that I originally imagined.

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