Swiiiing and a miss…actually, I’m 47 and Irish--old enough to know about how it was for these…
Chris Cook

Foe me, it breaks down like this:

If race were an umbrella, the spokes would represent various ethnic groups under it…

For example, people considered White often descend from Western European ethnic groups: Irish, British, German, Scandinavian, etc…

Race is an elusive and confounding construct. I’ve always felt it’s more useful to just stick to ethnic descriptors. But sometimes it’s not possible. My wife is a dark-skinned Black woman. She correctly points out that it’s impossible to know her ethnic background compared to me due to slavery and how families were dispersed and broken up. More than other racial groups, Black people have the hardest time tracing their ethnic and geographical roots.

But by and large, I look for the day where color of skin is deemphasized. As Warren Beatty said in Bullworth, “Everybody gotta keep fuckin’ everybody until we’re all the same color.”

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