So We Elected an Autocrat: What To Do Now
Tina Dupuy

Great article. It is a wake up call to many fellow liberals and progressives who are too worried about every point being addressed and every single voice heard in detail. Too much deliberation sends the train off the tracks. And agreed that long lists of “must-haves” filter out necessary support from those not close to a liberal/progressive set of ideological beliefs.

The goal of hearing out everyone comes from a good place. It is a reminder of liberal/progressive values of fairness, considering things from another person’s perspective, and being other-centered. But with Occupy, we saw the downside. And it’s already been written about decades beforehand. Jo Freeman’s “The Tyranny of Structurelessness,” (1970), was a groundbreaking challenge to the methods of group management she encountered while observing Radical Feminist circles during the 2nd Wave. The endless quest for consensus and a strong anti-leadership stance can become significant roadblocks to the desired level of progress…as with Occupy.

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