And why did you feel the need to go after me as a person instead of addressing the valid point I made?
I am just responding to the stories and issues on hand, if you see a trend forming about how unfair…
Louis Weeks

First off, do you actually read my posts carefully? I read yours word by word. Party loyalty? I am not a Democrat. I’ve told you that already several times.

I address the issues and reserve the right to be critical of how and what others argue. You have great difficulty discerning between a personal attack, like name calling, which I have never done, and attacking your argument. Cite one example from my posts to you proving that. You can’t. It’s perfectly fine to criticize the content, tone, and logic of someone you don’t agree with. Which makes me think that you’re one of the many conservatives who think simply disagreeing with them is some personal attack. So, give a specific example from my posts *to you* instead of the typical broad-based accusations. I am not here to defend the totality of all the liberals you encounter. If one of them calls you a name or is a big meanie to you, then call them on it, not me.

And again, thanks for proving my point that you cannot direct an argument to me without a rant about other liberals on Medium. You can police this site all you want, but it will always lean heavily liberal, no matter whether you respond 24–7. Keep on frustrating yourself.