It’s important to entertain the different perspectives that can be applied to the same concern, rather than narrowly focused on one perspective because it happens to coincide with your particular convictions — the latter of which is also known as tunnel vision.
As a matter of fact, I’ve had friends and acquaintances across the entire rainbow of cultures and…
Ken Rudich

I do and am familiar with how self- confirmation bias works. But the topic is focused on Black Women being marginalized within their own community. Which is reality, just underreported. So what is wrong with the author raising awareness of inequity? If some division is caused, that’s just a growing pain of a larger movement. Black women are stakeholders, but their voices are not listened to nearly as much as men. You sure do have a lot of advice for a group which you know nothing about what it is like to be in their position.

I would’ve sent this sooner, but this just came up today in my Notifications, for some reason. I responded as such because the tone of your response to the piece came across as victim-blaming and dismissive of legitimate fears and trauma. I saw the same stock arguments a lot of racists use to justify the disproportionate amount of Black people unjustifiably injured or killed by police. I don’t care how well you can tiptoe on a razor’s edge with the whataboutism. It’s a clever way to shift blame to the Black community and ignore the vast differences with relative power.

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