Body Language Experts Say Trump Often Flashes “Triangle of Satan” Hand Gesture
Allan Ishac

I don’t know how you keep churning out such quality material daily! I mean, Trump provides a cornucopia of choices for satirical criticism, but still…

You’ve definately reached your Colbert Moment. How do I know? I haven’t seen any context-challenged barbs from Trump voters and/or conservatives for quite some time. They finally got the message that this is satire and “not for reals.”

The Colbert Moment occurred about 3-4 months into the 1st Season of The Colbert Report. Before that, conservative Republicans unknowingly and naively accepted invitations to the show thinking that Colbert was the next Glenn Beck. Eventually, some conservative think tank likely put out the word to the rest of the Conservative Borg that they were being drawn into a fantastic ruse, much like a pitcher plant inviting an insect to descend down that floral rabbit hole.

I’m slightly bummed that they eventually got it. I was hoping to run for The Office of Context Troll on your blog. Looks like there’s no need for that anytime soon. But hey, if things change and the clueless infiltrate again, I will submit the proper documents to run.

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