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I think it’s important to recognize that this piece of shit could be elevated to martyrdom by the alt-right should he be executed by the state. (At least, I think this is the angle you’re going for, Violet…correct me if I assumed incorrectly…)

But my take on his possible fears of mortality in the short-term?Inconclusive, as with others considered for either life in prison or death row. I think it is assumed by so many who have no connection to the victim of a homicide (as I do) that every killer is fearful of rotting in prison. But I think society underestimates the amount of offenders of capital crimes who fear the needle. Even if death row appeals take an average of 15 years to time out, capital punishment is usually a quicker death than a life sentence — especially for younger offenders. There are those who fit in just fine with the institutional regimens of heavily structured schedules but fear the death sentence.

Homicide and what one pictures as a judicious, yet moral punishment has a lot more angles the closer you are to a victim. I find a way to be a staunch, far-left progressive in all my idological beliefs who is also for the death penalty (in clear-cut cases like this where race or a cognitive disability is not a factor). And, it doesn’t neatly fit — that’s mostly a traditional, conservative position. But our life experiences can yield exceptions to the core ideological beliefs we follow.

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