Writers to Follow: October 2016 Edition
Clay Rivers

Love the selections. There are writers on here who I am not familiar with. I will check ‘em out.

I’ve been stuck without a personal phone for awhile now — couldn’t comment, just dole out little green hearts on articles I like and when trolls get called out.

I’ve been on Medium for 7 months or so and still have yet to write my 1st article. For now, I’ve enjoyed reading several writers on this list (including you, Clay). It’s a good starting point to see what’s been said and what could be added to existing conversations on race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. All are socially constructed with imbalances of power favoring straight, White men. This view is constantly challenged, despite all the evidence out there of its reality. So, it’s great to read all these social justice articles and I hope to contribute meaningfully when I complete my first one.

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