Of course you are not going to dug up 1000s of documents, newspaper stories and police records…
James Hodges

Of course the evidence exists. As I said, I’m not bothering because you dismiss everything. You’re about “winning.” I’m focused on reality and truth.

You keep dodging the key point about where you’re from. It matters. You don’t grasp how racism toward Black people has systematically manifested itself in this country. That’s because you’re not from here. You’re from Cape Town. I looked it up because I kept thinking: “what American uses the term, “rubbish?” Only those speaking in a mock British accent. *You* messed up by taking on someone with an MA in linguistics and rhetorical communication. I can see right through that crap, Captain Obvious. No info on Medium but your FB link told me what I thought all along. You don’t know shit about American history.

I’m done. Exchanges with an untrustworthy gaslighter with Troll numbers (1 Following 0 Followers) have little merit. And we both know those numbers are not due to preference but the depths of your ignorance.

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