Not amongst our friends, they aren’t. Not our tribe. Our tribe is trying to put our heads together and help each other figure it out.
I am so confused.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Our tribe (or “cluster,” as I like to call it) *is* putting a lot of thought into it. And I’m in.

Cyborg, I see the pin thing as people having great intentions, but not always knowing how to symbolize it in a way which makes the people they’re standing up for feel comfortable.

However, I think anytime a bystander is motivated to do more than just think in their own mind what they *wish* they could do is a great moment. They’re trying to make the next step. And it’s better than inaction/apathy. Not everyone is brave enough to be a true ally and get directly involved. I’m the type that will. But I have to remind myself that those who avoid it are following their own comfort zone. We all create our own boundaries.

Of course, I am highly skeptical of those who seem like they are wearing a pin as an accessory. But how do we determine that for sure? I wish I knew…

Take care, fellow ally.


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