Racism is not about systemic power, though.
James Massey

Racism is far more complex than being about overt hate. Systemically, there are plenty of things that reinforce racism; studies throughout The Humanities confirm that. Denotative dictionary definitions certainly do not contain all the answers. They omit the realities of social action and how words are used.

Sure, there are traditional, extremist Black people who would not want to see us with our wives. But again, that’s being hatefully prejudicial, bigoted, and discriminatory. Not racist. And where I live, no need to carry a piece. I’m thinking you reside in a much different culture than San Francisco and the northern half of The Bay Area.

We’ve drifted a long way from my original response. Let’s not forget that this thread started with Caitlin Johnstone making an erroneous and ridiculous claim that anyone who buys into Russiagate is racist against Russians. (It can be xenophobic, but nothing more). Utter nonsense from a so-called rogue journalist that knows zip about linguistics and social action.

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