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Spencer Hammer nailed it . Jed York is hated by most fans for getting rid of Harbaugh. Most certainly NOT a “football decision.”

This was all about the egos of York and Trent Baalke, his golden boy. Harbaugh might have been tough to deal with — even toxic. But he got results and won like no other coach since the last time ownership blew it by getting rid of the Marriucci/Garcia tandem. Why? I guess ownership at the time thought Mooch was suddenly too short to coach and Garcia, too “effeminate” to QB. Whatever. They, too, got results.

I find a twist of irony in their decision. Alpha males like York and Baalke are the types who typically make fun of people legitimately needing a safe space. That’s exactly where these “tough guys” went when they couldn’t handle big bad Jim Harbaugh and got rid of a winner. Boo hoo.