Because when it comes to bearing children, women can make any choice they want but men cannot.
Sumant Manne

Uhhh, you do know there’s this thing called a condom, right? A man can almost guarantee he is not going to get a woman pregnant if he makes the choice to wear one. And in case you encounter one of those ubiquitous turkey-baster con-artists (😀😁😂) and feel the strong urge to protect your invaluable semen, it’s easily disposed with little chance of a “security breach.”

Seriously, man, you and that other MRA clown, Douglas, are just gettin’ smoked by these bad-ass women. I bet that really bugs you deep down inside.

You have to know the main reason for your emotional displeasure doesn’t lie with feminists or women in general. You project your life experience and that of a statistically small minority of men who have a specific agenda to undermine valid, reliable research because it does not fit the conclusions you seek. You have an agenda based upon emotional responses to realities you don’t like.

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