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We’ve sucked in all categories. In general, fans and experts in the local media have blamed it mostly on the offense. But for me, it’s mostly on the pitching. Our team has consistently been built on pitching, defense, and offense, in that order. So, on The Giants, the expectation is that, to win and make the playoffs, the pitching is great to excellent, while the hitting and baserunning can be average to good. Defense seems to be a wild card, as it was essential to the 2010 and 2014 World Series Wins but not in 2012.

This year is lost. To me, the goal is to look high and low to improve the pitching staff for next year and continue to audition minor leaguers. We should rebuild, yet maintain a core of the following players:

Buster Posey

Madison Bumgarner

Joe Panik

Brandon Crawford

Brandon Belt (mostly for defensive chemistry)

Anyone else not on that list is expendable. Might sound harsh, but it’s the business. Look at how many bad “Thanks For The World Series Win” contracts the team has agreed to recently. Besides the decimation of the farm system to “lose now,” it’s hampered financial efforts to get a power bat in the outfield or a top reliever. The bullpen we have ain’t gettin’ it done for 2+ seasons now.

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