I’m guessing Putin prevented people from showing up for rallies for your appalling, hideous…
Amy Sterling Casil

You’re generalizing, assuming and confusing things. Making an argument challenging gxorlando ‘s claim that there was voter fraud to the tune of 2.5 million votes by undocumented workers doesn’t mean I voted for Hillary. I can’t stand her. I went with Jill Stein because I knew Hillary *would* win California. And she blew Trump out of the water. Save your stock phrases and taunts for liberals/progressives who are bringing up Putin and the upcoming Electoral vote.

Gx, I have much respect for ya, but I think the claim is bunk. First, it is much easier to suppress votes (as what happened in Rust Belt states — investigations ongoing…) than to cast votes illegally. If you want to talk about the likelihood of illegal voting compared to Democratic party claims of vote suppression, it’s not close. Also, gx, I don’t trust sources provided by the Medium member you mentioned. Give me reliable, non-partisan (or “low partisan,” heh heh) sources that validate your claim that such a phenomenon could statistically be likely (*if* it occurred in the first place). I’m open-minded enough to consider something that is plausible which contradicts my claims.