After Comey Firing, Ivanka Trump Asks President, “Daddy, Are We In Trouble?”
Allan Ishac

Allan, there is a very wise old Chinese advice : ‘One should be wise in choosing one’s parents’. Just like any other wise advice the Drumpf Dynasty dumbfoundedly ignores, this could cost them dearly. I sincerely hope so, although I fear for the collateral damage that will cost the US and us all dearly.

Coming to think of it, this advice should be applied to another important choice in your lives, over there in the Huge Tyranny of the Dandelioncoloureds: one should be wise in choosing one’s presidents. Over here in our tiny little Kingdom we actually have been very wise. Our King cannot be chosen. He is Godgiven by his ancestors. I know you tried to copy this by picking presidents from faux-dynasties like the Kennedy’s, the Bushes and the Dandelioncoloureds, but you forgot to ask the Chinese.

Now don’t gloat (or is it bloat, too lazy to look it up) about the sensational sleaziness of your presidential fairy tales. The great-grandfather of our King of the Oranges was a German pussy-groper, bastardbreeding gambler, serial animal killer and nitwit, the grandfather of our King was a German ex-Nazi, pussy-groper, bastardbreeding fraud, serial animal killer and con artist, the grandmother of our King suffered under the spell of a theosophical Rasputin and believed in messages that where broadcasted directly from God to her counselor Greet Hofmans.

Now you think ‘HA, you are shooting your own foot’, if that is a right expression (too lazy….), but you forget that the grandmother of our King of the Oranges was a very nice, warm woman with a feminist mind. And she was befriended with that outstanding American Eleanor Roosevelt. And we have the most beautiful queen in the world and three very lovely princesses. So in the end we win.

This is no fake news. It is true. You can see it. Abe Lincoln knew it too. It is documented.

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