Good one!!!
Joan Evans

Grab, grab, grab.

Source: The Eonomist

Mmmm, may be, Joan, we know that a lot of capitalists are poor, both materially and immaterially. The inherent tendency of capitalism, especially the robber kind of it, is a race to the top of a few, pushing the majority to the bottom. I must add that the capitalists who see themselves as emperors and their heartless state system as an empire, use capital as foremost power base. The ultimate robber capitalist is an oligarch, or, in Caitlin Johnson’s favorite term, a plutocrat.

In Dutch we say ‘Ikke, Ikke, Ikke, en de rest kan stikke’, translatable to ‘I, I, I, and let the rest of them die’. ‘Stikke’ means ‘suffocate’. Fits the Drumpf type plutocrats, because their denial of environmental pollution and climate change will lead to suffocation of all of us. Grab, grab, grab.

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