if his daytime antics unsettle you, his nights are going to kill you)
Our President After Dark
Allan Ishac

Have mercy, Allan! 24/7 of frolicking madness? Even over here in the, yeah, we are gasping for some trumpless air. It is not so much the threat of a rising sea level- even in that part of my country that lies 2–8 meters under sea level-, the increasing chance of extinction of all living creatures on the globe, the fear of suffocation in carbon smog, the invasion of the Japanese oyster or the Asian vulture, the nuclear war or the irresistible import of handbags by Ivanka, no, it is the tsunami of insanity, irresponsibility, vanity, cruelty and taped ties caused by one mob of evangelically inclined dopes and their megaphone that is killing us.

And now you confront us with the nightly misconduct of Doofus III! Nowhere to hide anymore.

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