FBI Raids Paul Manafort’s Home In Time For September Edition of “FBI Architecture Monthly” Magazine
Steven Rouach

I dearly miss some pics, Steve. Was it like this:

Drawing of the interior of the home of a kleptocrat mobster (by Piranesi)

Or rather like this one:

Interior of the home of a kleptocrat autocrat (Khadaffi of Libya ❌)

Or should we think of:

Interior of the home of an autocratic kleptocrat (Ceaucescu of Rumania ❌)

Or maybe a little bit more in the distaste of the American kleptocrats:

Interior of the home of the ordinary American kleptocrats

We wonder, Stevie. You, with your many ways into the confined sphere of the Washingtonian upper layers, aka the filthy rich, could probably tell us more?

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