Trump Tells 40,000 Boy Scouts That Their Code Of Honor “Is For Pussies”
Allan Ishac

It astonishes me Chief Creep did not insert some remarks about the world famous ‘Drumphfs Neckerchief tape’ — also known as ‘Scout tape’ -that made a German relative a billionaire in the thirties before he was captured by the Soviets and recruited for the Gulag Tie Tape Factories*, or Ivanka’s new line of ‘Boy Scout Backpacks’ in the colors of shit brown, nazi brown and slime green, or a fancy mix of them (NEW! A MUST HAVE! DON’MISS THEM, BECAUSE I’M GOING BANKRUPT SOON!!! CALL 989–144–666–911 FOR AN OFFER YOU CANNOT REFUSE, OR ELSE YOU WILL BE TWEETED TILL YOU DROP BY THE FATHER, HIS SONS OR THE UNHOLY GOST OF BANNON!)

*This could be the secret motive of CinC’s flirt with Russia. He wants the design and patents of the tape back from Vlad.

(My way of expressing my gratitude and admiration for one more delectable post, Allan.)