Donald Trump brings up John Kelly’s deceased son. Because Trump is a LUNATIC.
Steven Rouach

Now I want a fact check on this. Did the Bullshitting Crazy Creep in Chief really say this?

I hear people are joking about Melania being a robot, or at least a stand-in, but I think you’re all on the wrong track with that. This Lunatic (someone from the moon) is himself an extraterrestrial life form in a make believe body. Someone should check his back. I bet there is the little door of a cassette recorder that is refilled every night with a fresh tape by the mob that uses him for their radically conservative agenda. The moment he covfefed they were changing the tape and he got stuck for a few seconds.

However, I enjoyed your post as always, Steve. It is a bitter kind of joy. What more trouble will Baby man cause for all of us? It is time for a self execution order.