Flynn Sold Seven C.I.A. “Super Secrets” To The Russians—And Trump Got A Cut
Allan Ishac

Over here in the tiny little Kingdom of the white Oranges, lost and lonely because our King and Queen are far away in Italy, visiting the Pope, football clinics and whatnot, we are just a teeny bit worried about the secret feeling of total absurdity that creeps under the hide of thee, American friends.

We therefor conceived a song to cheer you up. Again Ol’ Cole inspired me, but The Frank played his part of course. Consider me part of the ‘we’ in the song.

Weird feelings

We’ve got him under our skin

We’ve got the creep under our skin

He sneaked in there and it startles us

We’ve got him under our skin

We tried so not to give in

We said to ourselves, this never will go so well

But stupid enough the system doesn’t work so swell

We’ve got him under our skin

I’d sacrifice anything, come what might

For the sake of a world less absurd

In spite of a warning voice in the night

Saying ‘we will stay pooped by that turd

Don’t we know, silly fools, we never can win

It’s banality, but also reality’

But each time we do, just the thought of him

Makes us stop before we begin

Cause we’ve got him under our skin

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