Thanks for the response, Chris.
Jeff Whelpley

I think Angular is going to have a hard time as a platform. I think they’ve alienated a good chunk of the community that built Angular 1 up in the first place, with their design choices to focus exclusively on the ginormous enterprise projects. It didn’t have to be that way. They could have made things simple for beginners, with a solid & simple component syntax (something more like Vue perhaps) and then allowed for incremental complexity to be added with official, modular packages. Angular 2’s base is completely different and it’s going to be much smaller than AngularJS, and they won’t be able to help that because of the choices that were made. I didn’t think my post would go viral like it did but I must be saying a lot of the things people are thinking. The community and excitement that made AngularJS big? Quite a bit of that magic has been lost. I don’t think they’ll get it back with Angular 2, because it isn’t as “fun” any more. People are enthralled by React & Vue for good reason. Simple, declarative components that are a function of state make all the difference in UI development.

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