Should Animals Have a Right to Privacy?
Brandon Keim

I understand the concept to a point. A species by species approach makes sense, but more importantly I’d be concerned about the well-being of the animal. If intruding and studying them is stressing them out, back off a bit. It also can affect them from another source. A recent Hawk Owl on the west side of the continent (Ontario, I THINK) came further south than usual, attracting birders en masse with their cameras and binoculars. The bird was on private property, and the land owner was accepting of binoculars and telescopes, but highly against photographs of his land. After days of birders, a sign was posted “no photography allowed” followed by an online picture of the hawk owl dead later that day. Many speculate it was the land owner who killed the owl to get birders to leave, but regardless, people flocking to a bird (pun tended) most likely lead to its demise in his instance.

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