The War of Misogyny is Raging: Men Must Become the Feminists Our Children and Elders Deserve

Being at a conference full of incredible women who work in the whole spectrum of the world of theater, strategizing, supporting each other, to build momentum for gender parity and equity in theater, has been so powerful.

With woman after woman coming forward speaking out about being assaulted by Trump, with Trump and his campaign accelerating their entire misogynistic worldview, with our country moving closer and closer to electing the first woman president, with Michelle Obama delivering a message of defiance to misogyny calling on everyone to say no more, I feel the counter-hegemonic forces of every woman who has resisted, the counter-hegemonic forces rising in millions of women, femmes, genderqueer people saying no more.

Just as the Tea Party mobilized anti-Black racism to Obama, the forces of misogyny are unleashed in reaction to what is become more and more clear, a woman, Hillary Clinton, is defeating, on what looks to be an epic scale, the Saruman of misogyny, Donald Trump.

Men who claim in any way to be progressive, radical, Leftist, must recognize the historic responsibility before us to rise up for feminism, rather then use our critiques of Hillary, to choose excuses, safety, betrayal, in the war of misogyny and the struggle against misogyny that is all around us. Just as white anti-racists who had critiques of Obama also knew anti-racist struggle against the right was the responsibility of the times, men need to throw down for feminist revolution that supports the existing and emerging leadership of women-identified people leading every important justice movement of our times, and become the feminist men all of our children and elders deserve.

Make no mistake, the lines are drawn, and every man must decide, what side are you on. If you are spending more time critiquing Clinton right now, then you are misogyny, if you are debating esoteric questions of left strategy, when left feminist struggle is waging on, you are on the wrong side of history. We must build feminist courage in these times, while also building up the women-led justice movements that will continue to move us towards liberation after the election.

Let’s do this, let’s be courageous against the nightmare of patriarchy. Women are leading the fight all around us, look to, listen to, learn from and follow them! Sarumon’s tower is falling, the fight for middle earth continues, and the gates of Mordor have been unleashed.

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