Oddly, the title says.
Tim Cook

She said in her case she was paying more taxes than if she resided in the USA. So she was truly not avoiding any taxes. Her big issues were the onerous burden and cost of complying with US tax law for citizens who reside overseas, and being treated like a criminal because the law requires overseas residents to divulge information that US residents only are required to divulge when convicted of crimes.

Even though it doesn’t actually apply in her case, the author is aware enough to recognize the injustice of the US double taxation laws for expatriates who earn more than she does.

As a former naval officer and history buff I agree with you that the USA is one of the greatest nations in history. That’s all the more reason why massive injustices like the way our tax system treats all of our citizens living overseas should be corrected. Historically we’ve treated our citizens with much more compassion and loyalty than your apparent, “so long sucker!” approach.

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