How to Efficient Clear Storage for Your iPhone

An iPhone is no doubly the coolest device ever, it so gorgeous and powerful. There is nearly one application for everything. People can download some wonderful Apps into their iPhone or refurbished iPhone, but there one question to concern about, the storage room. For many iPhone owners, especially those who buy the 16GB models, the struggle to keep the “storage full” alert out of sight is real. Actually there are some effective ways for you to free some space on your phone and use your phone in a more efficient way.

The first obvious one is controlling the items you get into your phone in the first place. You cannot download all the application you want and it turn out some of them will never come into use or not a regular use. You should keep the unnecessary Apps out and this is pretty much a must-do if you have a 16GB iPhone.

The second one is you have to delete all the old message and some hidden space. You’d be surprised by how much storage your text messages take up the storage room. iOS by default saves your messages including picture messages forever and you can have them deleted after 30 days.

Audio clips and videos recorded from the Messages app are set to expire after a couple minutes by default, but they won’t expire if they’re made outside the Messages app, so there could be a bunch of videos sneaking around your messages you’ve forgotten about, and it’s probably worth ditching those messages. Apparently, there’s a bunch of hidden storage in your phone that you can’t normally use, but there’s a way of fooling your iPhone into thinking you need that storage for content you buy from iTunes. You have to pretend that you’re renting a movie without actually renting the movie, and the movie’s file size needs to be larger than your available storage. Check for things like documents, videos, podcasts, voice memos, notes, or eBooks that you might have forgotten about and delete them. You can going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage to check how much storage things like videos, podcasts, notes, and voice memos are taking up. There you can check apps like Videos, Podcasts, Notes and so on to see if they’re taking up more space than they should. Then, go to each of those apps and delete the files you don’t want anymore.

The next thing you should do is that you can use the iCould to back up all your important files like pictures, movies or music. You cannot use your iPhone as a hard drive. And these files usually would come across your mind, but their presence will take up a lot of space especially the high resolution ones. And you can transform them to your computer. After the backed up or the transform, you can delete them from your iPhone or refurbished iPhone.

The last thing you can do is be careful with the content on the Brower. Clear cached data on your web browser. Whichever web browser you use no matter it is Safari or Chrome, it will store a bunch of data designed to speed up its it’s good to clear your web browser’s “cache” where all that data is store once in a while, as it can free quite a bit of space.

There are high chances that you or someone you know is constantly running out of space on their iPhones. The ultimate solution is to get an iPhone with more storage, like the 32GB or 64GB models, but the price is huge. But if you buy a refurbished one, that will bring the most satisfaction in the storage room and save you a lot of money.

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