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Destroyer taking on evacuees from Dunkirk

"Wars are not won by evacuations"

Winston Churchill


Christopher C. L. Custer, MD

I can to be called a devil's advocate, I prefer an unapologetic skeptic, where I like to challenge the prevailing point of view and propose an alternative view. In History not everything is black and white as this case will show.
Contrary to the standard line that by issuing the stop order, Hitler enabled the Anglo-French to successfully evacuate at Dunkirk and lost his chance of an early victory over Britain, was not a done deal. Here, I will try to explore other perspectives, by interpreting the known facts a bit differently or looking from another angle.

First, did the stop order effect the evacuation as the prevailing view would have one to believe. While a very trained and disciplined military force, the Germans here had no clear objective other than throwing the anglo- French forces into the sea. Not having one field commander calling the shots, the two German army groups who could change how to obtain the objective ad hoc. Unlike the Germans, the allied forces was very good at throwing together formations that were so spontaneous, they didn't even have a name. The allied forces fought very tenaciously, they did not fight like a defeated army. (1) The situation at Dunkirk did not change much during the stop order, if anything the chaos present on the German side had subsided their troops, who had been taking pervitin a form of methamphetamine for at least several weeks, rested and their vehicles in a better state of repair.(2) In short the the Germans were stronger, their stop order had done what it had intended to. The British, too at the very least used the time to good effect to consolidate their defensive position. In the long and the short of it, it is not clear whether the the stop order was of any significance to the success of the evacuation.

Secondly there are plenty of other reasons. Many German generals, including General Erwin Rommel wanted to stop, pleading with von Rundstedt that they were under heavy allied attacks or logistics was not keeping pace with the frontline troops. The German high command was also preoccupied with Fall Rot- the German plan to conquer the rest of France. Additionally, many German commanders did
not like the idea of maneuvering tanks on less than ideal ground, the battlefield was very boggy. The low countries were called the low countries for a reason.
However, some explanations about Hitler,'s halt order may be valid.We should not ignore all the reasons supporting Hitler halt order such as Hitler may be giving the British a chance to save face by letting the British evacuate successfully.(3)

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Chris Custer

A 65 year old "Amateur" military historian. Incurable skeptic. A good ol' privileged white boy trying to learn a new perspective for life.