The pragmatic effect of my change in perspective has been that I actually became more efficient and effective at work. If I had five items on my to-do list in the morning, I might have checked off one or two of them by the end of the day before I had a kid. Now, I know I better get four or five done, or they’re just not gonna happen. I thought I was unique, in that parenthood actually increased my productivity at work, but I’ve heard this from a lot of other parents as well. Life hack!
Beyond Doing Half the Parenting
Anil Dash

I couldn’t agree more here, Anil. Something changed in me when my first son was born. It was gradual… but I am a harder worker, more efficient, and more driven now than I’ve ever been. My boys may make the day-to-day life more challenging, but they give me meaning. They’re the reason I want to succeed.

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